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Film Services

Welcome to the “Film” page of Leedrick Studios, where our passion for cinematic excellence translates into every aspect of production. Our commitment to quality begins with our rigorous dailies review process, ensuring each project remains true to its vision from the raw footage stage. We offer tailored studio rental solutions, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to facilitate both short and long-term projects. Sound design at our studios is an art form, with our specialists creating immersive soundscapes that elevate the visual narrative. Our adept sound mixers and post-production team work in harmony to fine-tune each audio element, ensuring pristine clarity that complements every scene. The artistry extends to our color grading experts, who skillfully adjust the visual tone to match the storytelling mood.

Our in-house VFX team is at the forefront of innovation, crafting believable effects that integrate flawlessly with live-action content, while our motion graphics artists bring stories to life with captivating visual flair. Our effects department excels in both practical and digital realms, enhancing production value with seamless visual finesse. With cutting-edge drone technology, our certified operators capture breath-taking aerial perspectives, and our Steadicam professionals deliver fluid, cinematic shots that propel the visual narrative. At Leedrick Studios, every frame is a testament to our dedication to creating compelling, high-quality film experiences.

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At Leedrick Studios, dailies are treated with utmost importance. We provide a structured and thorough review process of the raw footage every day. This ensures that the project's direction is consistent and any necessary adjustments can be made early on. Our facilities are equipped to facilitate these reviews, ensuring clarity and efficiency.

Studio Rental

Our studio rental offerings are comprehensive, providing a range of spaces and equipment to meet diverse production needs. Whether for short-term or long-term projects, our studios are designed to support high-quality productions with the necessary amenities and technological support.

Drone & Operator

Leedrick Studios utilizes drone technology to capture stunning aerial footage, adding a dynamic perspective to any project. Our certified drone operators are skilled in navigating challenging shots, ensuring safety and compliance with all regulations while capturing high-quality aerial visuals.

Sound Mixer

The role of our sound mixers is crucial to achieving the perfect balance across all audio elements within a project. At Leedrick Studios, our sound mixers bring expertise in blending dialogue, music, and sound effects, ensuring that the final audio mix supports the storytelling effectively.

Sound Design

Sound design at Leedrick Studios is about creating the right auditory experience to match the visual storytelling. Our team focuses on crafting detailed and immersive soundscapes that enhance the narrative, employing the latest technology and innovative techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Sound Post Production

The sound post-production process at Leedrick Studios ensures that every piece of audio, from dialogue to background noise, is crisp and clear. Our post-production team meticulously edits, mixes, and masters the audio to achieve the best quality sound that aligns with the visual elements of the project.

Visual FX

At Leedrick Studios, our visual effects (VFX) team specializes in creating high-quality, believable effects that blend seamlessly with live-action footage. From simple enhancements to complex simulations, we leverage the latest software and creative techniques to bring visual ideas to life.

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics services involve creating dynamic, engaging visual elements that help tell a story or convey information. This includes everything from animated logos and titles to complex sequences that enhance the viewer's experience, crafted by our team of skilled designers and animators.


Our effects team at Leedrick Studios excels in both practical and digital effects, ensuring that every visual enhancement serves the narrative and adds to the overall production value. We focus on seamless integration and creativity to create memorable visual experiences.

Color Grading

Color grading is a critical step in our post-production process, where we fine-tune the visuals to convey the intended mood and style. Our colorists use advanced techniques to enhance or subtly alter the color palette, ensuring that each scene achieves the desired aesthetic and emotional impact.

Steadicam & Operator

Our Steadicam operators are adept at capturing smooth, stable footage that enhances the visual storytelling. Using specialized equipment, they can execute complex movements and angles, adding a cinematic quality to the production while maintaining the integrity of the visual narrative.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive plan that outlines how your business will use various online channels to reach marketing goals, including identifying target audiences, setting objectives, and measuring success.

By focusing on these key areas, Leedrick Studios ensures that every aspect of the production process is handled with expertise and attention to detail, delivering high-quality content that meets our clients’ creative and technical expectations.

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